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                      Variety Magazine is and has always been the most important and trusted provider of industry news and information to the entertainment industry. And in this era of digital revolution in the media business, Variety is leading the conversation about how the industry can optimize the convergence of technology and entertainment. Through a combination of news stories, provocative insights, feature articles, and exclusive analyses, the editors of Variety inform the leaders in the film, television, music, and digital media industries of everything they need to know to shape their business decisions, both now and in the future. Trends are analyzed, the big questions are posited and explored, projects are forecasted, deals are assessed, and movers and shakers are interviewed in 48 beautifully designed issues each year.

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                      Vscore Top 250

                      Identify the true value
                      an actor brings to your
                      next project

                      Vscore is the industry’s most accurate familiarity and appeal metric quantifying the value of more than 17,000 working actors based on success across television, film, social media, awards and upcoming projects. Vscore Top 250 allows users to view, sort and filter a list of the top 250 actors in the Vscore database.

                      The Only Familiarity and Appeal Metric that Includes


                      Premier subscribers can easily sort and filter the Vscore Top 250 list across the following data elements:

                      • Name
                      • Age
                      • Gender
                      • Ethnicity
                      • Country of Origin
                      • Overall Vscore
                      • TV score
                      • Film score
                      • Social score
                      Variety Vscore 250

                      Production Charts

                      The best way to stay on
                      top of opportunities across TV
                      and film productions

                      Production Charts list every pre-production and production commitment across TV and film for all projects with expected distribution in the US.

                      Wolf of Wall Street Breaking Bad
                      Variety Production Charts

                      Premier subscribers can easily sort and filter using any of the following data elements:

                      • Title
                      • Type of Project (TV or Film)
                      • Studio
                      • Genre and Arena
                      • Shoot Dates
                      • Shoot Location
                      • Commitment Type
                      • Production Status
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                      All Premier subscribers receive access to 15 years of Variety Archives, the entertainment industry’s paper of record from 1905 to today. If your goal is to thrive in the present, then Archives is the indispensable tool for learning what’s worked in the past.

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                      Our industry is about who you know and what you know, and no one keeps you in the know like Variety. Variety produces 12 major conferences and more than 15 additional events annually, keeping entertainment and media professionals engaged and informed at first class events in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world.

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                      Variety Summits Include:
                      • CES Summit
                      • MASSIVE Summit
                      • Variety Studio: Sundance
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                      • Power of Women Event
                      • TV Summit
                      • Writers Room
                      • Country Music Event
                      • Asia Entertainment Summit
                      • Big Data Summit
                      • Variety Screening Series/Dinner Series
                      • Dealmakers Breakfast